Tour Tape 2017

by Jean Jam

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released February 14, 2017

Recorded by Blake Karlson
Art by Sasha Pozzolo



all rights reserved


Jean Jam

guitar/vocals- jimmy jam james
bass- krvd
drums- dabella

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Track Name: Spell It Out
Keep looking at that wall
That you keep locking closed
Everyone just wants to know
How you are but you say no
You say everything’s fine
You stay humble you stay kind
But you know it’s one big act
It’s all just a huge lie
Keep pushing it down
Locked closed
Nothing exposed
You’re here
With no effort
That’s you
Behind that big wall

You may not listen
But we’ll keep spelling it out for you
Yeah we’re gonna spell it out
Whether you like it or not
We’re gonna say it
We’re gonna say it
We’ll keep saying
Keep spelling it out
Track Name: Dwell
Works a jerk it’s such a drag
Got a headache and my hairs a mess
I wanna sleep but I can’t relax
Guess I’ll go and not come back

I hate myself and what I do
I’m pathetic and you know it too
Not gonna go but I’m not gonna leave
Sulk in this chair until somebody sees

Oh I’m such a mess
I can’t give it a rest

Not enough I always make someone mad
I’ll never be good and I can’t be bad
I’ll never win I’ll always loose at a fight
Can’t take a punch and can’t even punch right

I’ll roll on my back that’s what iI do
I’ll say sorry If you want me to
But I can’t live being pushed around
But I don’t know how I just go down

Oh I’m such a mess
I can’t give it a rest
Track Name: Home Alone
And i’m fine i’m really really fine
I just can’t sleep alone at night
When I’m lost and I’m really hard to find
You know where to find me right?

But it’s fine I promise I’m fine
It’ll be alright I’ll be alright it’ll pass I’ll be fine
I’ll just sit in my room It’ll be okay I’m alright
Don’t worry about me mom I’ll be okay I’ll be alright
Track Name: High Wire
Hey kid don’t you know that girl?
I think she’s hot for her

Why don’t you walk this way
Don’t you want it this way?

You’re stuck in a lie
Don’t wait wait till you die
Track Name: Waste of Space

And you know you’re not really here to say
That you regret what you said that day
And I know that you’re probably gonna play
With my brain like you did that day